Case Carton Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive

It uses a hot melt machine to melt the hot melt adhesive into a liquid, and then sends it to the surface of the carton through the throat and spray gun of the hot melt machine. The hot melt adhesive is bonded after cooling.

It can meet the requirements of carton sealing and overcome the defects of traditional carton sealing forms.

Our carton hot melt adhesive are specialize in normal carton forming&sealing ,corrugated carton sealing:food box&case forming.

All products pass Technical requirement for environmental labeling products (HJ/T220-2005)


suitable for

  • tin box labeling
  • biscuit box forming
  • cookies oil box
  • PP woven bag
  • for ricecarton closing of dairy products
  • drug box
  • shoe box
  • soapwrapper
  • milk box forming
  • UV lamination paper box sealing
  • more…

Product introduction

Our factory develop and produce various packaging usage hot melt adhesive glue for carton box , they are solvent free, and harmless to human being, hot melt adhesive is most popular and environment friendly at present, beside, because of it is fast curing features and easy operation , it make production line more efficient and productivity, hence hot melt adhesive are widely use at packing industry.

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Case Carton Sealing Hot Melt Glue

glue for carton box