Adhesives For Composite Lamination

Working with composite lumber is similar to working with wood. However, composite lumber has the added benefit of being less likely to split or delaminate. Some composite lumber is also engineered to be lighter weight for easier handling. Composite lumber is also more stain, scratch, and mold resistant, and is therefore supposed to have a longer life than wood lumber.

Suitable for composite and honeycomb structure for lightweight honeycomb furniture and falt composite doors(paper honeycomb,aluminum honeycomb) process.


PUR hot melt adhesives is a plastic adhesive whose physical state changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, while its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and is an environmentally friendly chemical product.

Item No. Form Appearance Viscosity(160℃) Operating Temperature Softening Point TDS
60850 Solid Transparent 8000±2000cps 140-170℃   View
Item No. Form Appearance Viscosity(130℃) Operating Temperature Softening Point TDS
60861 Solid Natural Color 7000-12000cps 140-160℃   View
Item No. 60850
Form Solid
Appearance Transparent
Viscosity(160℃) 8000±2000cps
Operating Temperature 140-170℃
Softening Point  
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Item No. 60861
Form Solid
Appearance Natural Color
Viscosity(160℃) 7000±12000cps
Operating Temperature 140-160℃
Softening Point  
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PVAc Water Based Adhesives is a kind of water-soluble adhesive, which is prepared by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiator. Commonly known as white latex or PVAC emulsion for short, the chemical name of polyvinyl acetate adhesive.

It is safe, non-toxic, non-combustible, easy to clean, curing at room temperature, good adhesion to wood, paper and fabric, high adhesive strength, colorless and transparent after curing, good toughness, no pollution of the adhesive

Item No. Form Appearance Viscosity pH TDS
9601 Liquid White 80000±20000 cps 4±1 View
PG531 Liquid Light Yellow 15000±3000 cps 5±1 View
938AB Liquid White 10000-20000 cps    
PG85HV Liquid White 13000±5000 cps 3±1 View
Item No. 9601
Form Liquid
Appearance White
Viscosity 80000±20000 cps
pH 4±1
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Item No. PG531
Form Liquid
Appearance Light Yellow
Viscosity 15000±3000 cps
pH 5±1
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Item No. 938AB
Form Liquid
Appearance White
Viscosity 10000-20000 cps
Item No. PG85HV
Form Liquid
Appearance White
Viscosity 13000±50000 cps
pH 3±1
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Note:The information on this page is based on the test results of our laboratory, if you need help, please contact our technicians.