Product Code:HM30016


Appearance:Yellow translucent grain

Softening point (Ring and Ball):80℃ ±3℃

Viscosity(Brookfield HBDV 21/100/160℃ ):3000±500CPS

Operating temperature(℃ ):140℃~ 180℃


Characteristics And Application Fields

√ Strong hot tack
√ Good high temperature
resistance HM30016 is a hot melt adhesive suitable for the bonding of environmentally friendly paper bags.
Application:Portable paper handbag/Shopping bag
Advantage:The pull force of the final paper handbag could reach pull force:320N,and the load capacity is around 12~15KG.
All materials are in compliance with FDA (American Food and Drug Association) regulations 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives”