Paper Handbag Glue

The product has strongthermal viscosity and good resistance to high and low temperature。 is formulated for use in bottle labeling application with good ice water resistance and moisture resistance。

All products pass Technical requirement for environmental labeling products (HJ/2541-2016)

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Product code:SH88690

  • Component  :Yellow translucent grain
  • Softening point(Ring and Ball)℃:95±5
  • Operating temperature (℃):150℃~170℃
  • Viscosity160℃( cps) :1600-2500
  • Packing:

Product code:HM30019

  • Component :Yellow translucent grain
  • Viscosity(160 °C,cps):1500-2500
  • Operating temperature (℃):150℃~170℃
  • Softening point(Ring &Ball method):95±5
  • Packing:20KG/bag

Product code:HM8156

  • Appearance:Yellow translucent Lump
  • Softening point(Ring and Ball)℃:80±5
  • Operating temperature (℃):150℃~170℃
  • Viscosity 160℃( cps) :1600-2500
  • Packing:20KG/bag