Powder Glue For Wood Characteristics and Uses

Powder glue for wood is a kind of powdery object, it has good bonding strength, so it is widely used in the wood processing industry, when we use it, its hot and cold bonding is possible, and It is very well preserved.

Mixed rubber powder must be used within 45 minutes, otherwise it will solidify and weaken its viscosity. The mixed rubber powder is affected by air and humidity. For example, if the temperature is too high, the use time will be reduced. Therefore, when using rubber powder, an appropriate amount must be used to avoid waste. If you want to extend the use time, you can mix the rubber powder with cold boiled water to increase the use time.

The use method of powder glue for wood is also very simple. When using glue powder, you need to pay attention to its temperature. When wood glue powder is glued together with wood with different temperatures, cracks and swelling will occur. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the temperature of the wood is the same, otherwise the effect of sticking will be greatly reduced. When using rubber powder to stick wood, the wood itself is best to be smooth and clean, otherwise it will affect its effect. Use the same wood to stick, then the effect will be better.

Urea Formaldehyde Powder

Powder glue for wood is a one-component powdery adhesive with strong bonding force, easy to use and easy to use. It is very popular in the wood processing industry. The application advantages of wood glue powder in the wood furniture industry are very prominent, and the following will introduce the characteristics and uses of wood glue powder.

Wood glue powder curing method: can be cold pressed or hot pressed, directly adding water can form a very viscous adhesive, easy to use.

Main application: It is mainly used for cold pressing of furniture manufacturing, such as splicing, finger jointing, veneer, and imposition. It can also be used for bonding wooden doors.

Main features: easy to use, strong adhesion, long storage period, good anti-fogging and cold water resistance, can be used after adding water and mixing thoroughly, cold pressing and curing speed, also suitable for the manufacture of furniture in winter.