Adhesives For Veneer

  • NAF Formula
  • Available for application on PB&MDF&solid wood ,etc.


In today’s furniture industry,veneering has become a kind of mainstream applications after development for decades,espeially in the fields of plate-type furniture&composite solid wood furniture.

Meanwhile,today’s veneering materials have also developed to varieties of textures which can just compare with the solid wood products.Veneering is no longer low-end orientation,but becoming a new popular application for furniture manufacturing.


Since the very beginning,WINLONG have been always paid close attention at the market changes and customer demands,helping to provide the most suitable products and glue solutions for the industry.

Therefore WINLONG has developed specific glue solutions for veneering,to solve the problems and provide a perfect appearance,quality and the safety of home environment.


Item No. Form Appearance Viscosity pH TDS
608 Powder White     View
PG185 Liquid White 11000±2000 cps 7±1 View
PG83 Liquid White 10000±2000 cps 3±1 View
Item No. 608
Form Powder
Appearance White
TDS Download
Item No. PG185
Form Liquid
Appearance White
Viscosity 11000±20000 cps
pH 7±1
TDS Download
Item No. PG83
Form Liquid
Appearance White
Viscosity 10000±2000 cps
pH 3±1
TDS Download

Note:The information on this page is based on the test results of our laboratory, if you need help, please contact our technicians.