Adhesives For Straw Attachment

It’s formulated for tetrapak straw attachment with good pot stability and very low odor.

Our adhesives can tolerate low temperature storages without having straws come off and keep good appearances of finished products.

In addition, our adhesives can work in 140℃-160℃ without causing wire drawing problems. This better mileage property creates good values and benefits to our customers.


Ethylene-vinyl acetate hot melt adhesives (EVA) are one of the most popular, most affordable and widely used industrial hot melt adhesives. They bond to a variety of cellulosic materials and are available in a wide range of compositions. 

Item No. Form Appearance Viscosity(160℃) Operating Temperature Softening Point TDS
HM8750 Solid Light Yellow 1500±500cps 140℃-160℃ 100±5℃ View
Item No. HM8750
Form Solid
Appearance Light Yellow
Viscosity(160℃) 1500±500cps



Softening Point 100±5℃
TDS Download

Note:The information on this page is based on the test results of our laboratory, if you need help, please contact our technicians.