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Focus on Woodworking Adhesive Development and Manufacture 20 Years

The daily operations of Winlong Group consist of manufacturing, sales /marketing and R&D of woodworking as well as paper & converting adhesives. Winlong is in close strategic alliance with several multinational adhesives companies and research institutes. Apart from operating over 24 subsidiaries in China, Winlong also owns overseas branches in South East Asia, Europe and the USA.


Why choose us

The largest woodworking adhesive production base in China
In Guangzhou, Qingdao and Chengdu, we have a total production base of about 120,000 square meters with a capacity of 15,000 tons per month.More than 20 Quality Inspection Projects, strict control of product quality and production.It is our vision and motivation to build a large-scale woodworking glue production base in Asia.
Trusty from 6000 enterprise customers
We have a perfect after-sales training system to upgrade technical training for on-site or off-site technicians or distributors.In terms of technical interaction, we organize professional teams to promote and discuss common problems in different processes, equipments and glues for customers. Establish long-term communication and interaction platform.
More than 600 products
Winlong has established technical cooperation relations with BASF, BAYER, DOW Chemical and other international chemical companies.Professors from many universities in China and abroad are employed as long-term technical consultants of the company.


Every year, you will meet us in lots of exhibitions in related industries, including wood, furniture, machinery, paper and packaging, etc.

Professional Articles

Adhesives have been used for over 3000 years. Many early civilizations – the Egyptians, the Greeks, for example – used them in their furniture.

Product manual

We have more than 600 products which are used in furniture, wood products, flooring, doors, paper handbag,cartons, book binding etc.

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